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Foundations - 3

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Foundations - 3

Author:- Meeta Rai, Geetika Bahl
Board:- All Boards
Class:- Pre-Primary/Primary
Subject:- Pre-Primary
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788183500821
148.50 165.00

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Foundations is an exclusive series comprising three parts for schools providing all-round education to 4-year olds. Authors have meticulously arranged the work in a systematic manner around a particular theme that would encourage the teacher to use innovative techniques. The volumes are completely self-contained.

English: Word patterns; Fill in the blanks; Rhyming words;Opposites;  One and many;  Simple sentences.

Maths:  Addition;  Subtraction.

Hindi: Names of pictures; Fill in the blanks; Three and four-letter words.

EVS:  Days of the week;  Months;  Safety and Hygiene.

Art and Craft:  Fun with Shapes.

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