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Computers: Gateway to Digital World - ICSE 7

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Computers: Gateway to Digital World - ICSE 7

Author:- Seema Chauhan
Board:- ICSE
Class:- 7
Subject:- Computers
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788183507363
279.00 310.00

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Salient Features of the series are:

 *   Well-defined computer languages and operating system functionalities to help build and strengthen students’ understanding of computer fundamentals

 *    Enabling students to learn about File Management Organization of Data and Word Processing

 *   Introducing students to Algorithms, Flowcharts, Database Management and writing programs

 *   Incorporating details on how to make effective presentations with impressive visual effects

 *   Preparing students to develop a mobile application

*    Apprising students of ethical and security-related issues of computer and internet usage

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