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Fundamentals of English Grammar and Composition - ICSE 2

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Fundamentals of English Grammar and Composition - ICSE 2

Author:- Rajendra Pal, Snigdha Budhiraja
Board:- ICSE
Class:- 2
Subject:- English Grammar
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9789387907379
220.50 245.00

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Fundamentals of English Grammar and Composition series has been specially designed for the primary and middle-level students following the ICSE curriculum. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has issued specific, thoughtfully and elaborately prepared guidelines on grammar items to be taught at a particular level. Our series has, by and large, been written within the framework provided by the Council, but in some cases (very few) we did feel the need for including a few additional concepts to bring greater lucidity to the discussion or to make it look complete. 

Each book (Book 2 onwards) is divided into five sections. Section 1 recapitulates what was taught in the previous classes. Therefore, the exercises included in this section should be done thoroughly. Doing them orally is in order, but they must not be skipped. 

Section 2 forms the core of the book. It deals with the grammar items to be taught in the present class. 

Section 3 aims at vocabulary enhancement. In this section, a variety of study material as well as interesting exercises, sometimes in the form of crossword puzzles, ensures internalisation of age-appropriate vocabulary. 

Section 4 is devoted to reading skills. The exercises in this section are so framed as to cover all the sub-skills of reading, like skimming, scanning, intensive reading and extensive reading. 

In Section 5, Writing Skills, creativity, originality and effective organisation of thoughts have been our main focus. Illustrative material provided in the books as well as exercises listed for students should prove helpful in the realisation of our aim. 

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