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N.D. Kapoor's Business Laws: As per UGCF - 2022

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N.D. Kapoor's Business Laws: As per UGCF - 2022

Author:- Bharat Bhushan, N.D. Kapoor, Dr. Rajni Abbi, Rajiv Kapoor
Board:- Higher Education
Class:- B.Com, LLB, BBA, M.Com, MBA
Subject:- Law
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788195933396
328.50 365.00

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This thoroughly revised edition of Business Laws, like its earlier editions, presents the fundamental principles of business law in a simple and easily comprehensible manner. Since its last edition, there have been quite a few amendments to various laws, besides introduction of new laws. All such legislative changes have been incorporated in this edition for the benefit of readers at large. The text has been suitably elucidated with new cases decided by the judiciary at various levels.
The book has been divided into four units as per the CBCS Syllabus. Unit I covers Principles of Law of Contract; Unit II focuses on Special Contracts; Unit III deals with the law relating to Sale of Goods; Unit IV amplifies the law relating to Limited Liability Partnership while Unit V covers the important law relating to information technology. The salient features of this edition are:

  • Various aspects of General Principles of Law of Contract and Sale of Goods have been explained along with latest case laws.
  • Law relating to Limited Liability Partnership has been dealt with at length since it provides a more flexible way of doing business.
  • Law relating to information technology has been explained in a simple manner since it assumes a lot of significance in today’s highly complex and technology-driven world.


This latest edition of the book makes the subject easily intelligible even to a non-specialist. This objective could be achieved by—

  • Explaining the subject with the help of illustrative cases so that it can be easily assimilated by the reader;
  • Showing how the law is derived from Statutes and decided cases and how the principles of law are applied to problems which arise in day-to-day life and in the conduct of business;
  • Giving Test Questions and Practical Problems (with hints for their solutions) with the aim of testing the knowledge of the reader, basic understanding of the concepts and their ability to apply whatever has been learnt from a particular situation or problem.

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