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T.S. Grewal's An Aid to Accountancy - CBSE XII

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T.S. Grewal's An Aid to Accountancy - CBSE XII

Author:- Dr. (CA.) G.S. Grewal, T.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla
Board:- CBSE
Class:- 12
Subject:- Accountancy
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788183507295
247.50 275.00

Book Detail

While the number of questions has been increased in this new edition, we have included fresh questions as well. The number of Solved and Unsolved Model Test Papers remains at six and nine respectively.

The Typology of Questions in the book comprises Remembering, Understanding, Application-Based and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions which are further classified as:

  • Very Short Answer Type Questions
  • Short Answer Type Questions I
  • Short Answer Type Questions II
  • Long Answer Type Questions I
  • Long Answer Type Questions II The book also contains—
    • Evaluation  Questions  (including  Reverse  Questions,  i.e.,  Fill  in  the  missing values/statements)
    • A collage of Value-Based Questions
  • CBSE Sample Question Paper 2017 (Solved)
  • CBSE Question Papers (Solved)
  • Six Model Test Papers (Solved) and
  • Nine Model Test Papers (Unsolved)

This edition of the book includes Sample Question Paper for the 2017 examination as well as the Main Examination Papers 2017 and Compartment Papers.

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