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Indian Economics Development: Textbook for CBSE Class XII

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Indian Economics Development: Textbook for CBSE Class XII

Author:- V. K. Puri, Bharat Garg
Board:- CBSE
Class:- 12
Subject:- Economics
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788119446926
400.50 445.00

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Beginning Academic Session 2019-20, the paper on Indian Economic Development is to be taught in Class XII. This book is strictly based on the Indian Economy syllabus as laid down by the CBSE and covers all topics in a comprehensive manner. The book has been divided into four units.

The first unit consists of two chapters in which the state of the Indian Economy at the time of Independence and the planning experiment over the period 1951-1990 (generally known as the pre-reforms period) has been discussed.

The second unit consists of one chapter (Chapter 3) where economic development during the post-reforms period (the period after 1991) has been discussed.

The third unit of the book is the largest—spread over six chapters—where a number of issues and challenges facing the Indian economy have been taken care of, which include the problem of poverty, unemployment, rural development, human capital formation, and sustainable development.

Unit 4, which is the last unit of the book, consists of one chapter (Chapter 10) where the development experience of India as compared to two of its important neighbours—China and Pakistan—has been discussed.

The language used in the book is simple and the style direct so that students have no difficulty in following the arguments made. At the same time, the discussion is comprehensive so that all the topics included in the syllabus receive the treatment that they deserve.

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