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Self-Tutor Chemistry - ICSE X

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Self-Tutor Chemistry - ICSE X

Author:- Nipun Kapil
Board:- ICSE
Class:- 10
Subject:- Chemistry
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9788183505659
247.50 275.00

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Salient features of this edition:

* Each topic has been dealt with in a simple, easy and understandable language.

* Important facts in the text have been highlighted.

* Every attempt has been made to connect fundamental ideas to their applications in solving numerical problems in the unit on Mole Concept.

* Each unit contains solved Short Answer and Long Answer Model Questions and Objective Questions.

* Conceptual Questions have been incorporated in each unit to stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills.

     * Previous Years’ ICSE Examination Questions with solutions too have been provided.

      * A new chapter, Practical Chemistry, based on Practical Skills has been incorporated.

      * Appendices contain:

  a)    Modern (Long Form) Periodic Table of the Elements.

  b)   Atomic Number and Atomic Masses of the Elements of Modern PeriodicTable.

  c)   Nomenclature of Elements with Atomic Number Above 100.

*  Five Solved Model Test Papers and ten Self-Practice Test Papers have been included, which will help the students to prepare for the final examination.

* To ascertain the degree of preparation of the students for the ICSE Examination, a Mock Examination Paper has been enclosed with the book. 



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