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Computer Science with Python - Textbook for CBSE Class XI

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Computer Science with Python - Textbook for CBSE Class XI

Author:- Preeti Arora
Board:- CBSE
Class:- 11
Subject:- Computer Science
Language:- English
ISBN:- 9789387907416
445.50 495.00

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The book, Computer Science with Python, aims at providing an in-depth understanding of the CBSE curriculum. It focuses on teaching the Python language to help students learn programming concepts and develop problem-solving skills. With easy-to-understand examples, pseudo-code, flow charts, and other such tools, the student learns to design the logic for a program and then implement that program using Python.

In addition, the book contains ample concise and practical example programs along with diagrams and instances from real-life situations. Each chapter consists of tested, debugged and error-free code with screenshots.
Based on the CBSE curriculum, this book has been divided into four units:

  • Unit 1: Programming and Computational Thinking (PCT-1) — Chapters 1 – 7
  • Unit 2: Computer Systems and Organization (CSO) — Chapters 8 – 9
  • Unit 3: Data Management (DM-1) — Chapters 10 – 11
  • Unit 4: Society, Law and Ethics (SLE-1) — Chapter 12

The book includes four appendices comprising installation guide to Python and MongoDB, detailed built-in string methods and Viva Voce questions. A CD containing Presentation on Python, Chapter-wise Program Codes, Practical File, Sample Papers, Model Test Papers for practice, and Python and MongoDB Software Dump is available free on demand.

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